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Concept2 & Wattbike Hire Scheme Information

Why Hire?

By now you probably already know that the Concept2 Indoor Rower, the Wattbike and the Schwinn Airdyne are held in high esteem by both professional athletes and the public alike and are generally regarding as the foremost pieces of training equipment in their area. However, you may not have been totally convinced just yet and would like to give one a try for a while before you commit to a purchase, or you may want one for a certain amount of time to achieve a personal goal, such as losing a set amount of weight or to train for an upcoming event that you need to increase your fitness for. Or of course you may be from a gym a want to hire some machines to get you on your feet prior to committing to a purchase.

So essentially, with that in mind there are three main reasons choosing to hire with us:

  1. You have heard that the Concept2 rower, the Wattbike and the Schwinn Airdyne are highly regarded pieces of fitness equipment and you think you want either of those but are not sure if you want to commit to a purchase because you are unsure if you will use it as much as you would hope, are uncertain if it will fit in your spare room, or are just debating whether you will gel with it.
  2. You need to lose weight, tone up or get fitter for an upcoming event. Perhaps it is your son or daughter’s wedding in six months time and you want to look as radiant as they do on the big day, or maybe, somewhat rashly, on a dare from your friend you entered your local charity half marathon without having done any preparation whatsoever.
  3. You are from a commercial gym and want the best equipment money can buy without shelling out the full amount just yet.

Hire Products

Subject to an administration/carriage charge of £60.00 for Concept2 Machines and £99 for Wattbikes, and a minimum one month hire period.

Dynamic Erg & SkiErg also available - click here for details.

How It Works

Getting your equipment:

There are 2 different forms depending on whether the application is for an individual or a commercial institution. Once you have decided to hire simply fill in the relevant application form (see links below).

You will be asked to pay the first month's hire fee(s) and the £60/£99 per machine admin charge† via our secure SagePay page. We will then email you a link your completed application form that you just need to sign and return to us with a copy of your passport or driving license and a current utility bill. Once we receive the paperwork, (you can fax, email or post this to us), we will contact you to organise delivery of your hire machine within 1 working day (Standard delivery is included and is a specified working day but no specific time can be given. AM delivery is available for £15 and Saturday delivery is available for £25).

The hire fee will then be taken from your account by direct debit each month on the same date as the delivery took place until you decide to return the equipment to us.

Returning your rental equipment:

Rower: When the rower is delivered by courier and you have set the it up, keep the packaging in a safe place (garage/shed/loft etc). If you decide that the time has come to return the rower then simply repack the machine in the packaging it arrived in (see FAQs for instructions) and give us a ring and we will book a courier to come and collect the boxed machine from you on a weekday of your choice between 9am – 5pm. Should you lose or discard your packaging, we can send you a replacement at a cost of £30.

Wattbike and Airdyne: To return the Wattbike or Airdyne we will come and collect ourselves as it is too big to be collected by a courier. Again, this will be on a weekday between 9am and 5pm.

If you fall in love with the machine you are hiring:

If you decide at any time during your hire period that you would like to buy the machine you have on hire rather than return it, we can accommodate this. You would be buying the machine you have on hire at a price discounted from the retail cost. Simply call us on 0115 945 5522 for details or for a quote.

For hire applications of 5 machines or fewer the admin fee is non-refundable on return of the machines. For 6 or more machines the admin fee is refundable on either purchase or return of the hire machines subject to a 6 month minimum hire period.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can hire with confidence via our hire partner company Indoor Sport Services.

Please contact us at or on 0115 945 5522 if you have any questions you'd like answering before proceeding.

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